We are planning to publish a Book of Abstracts. The Authors of submitted presentations will be asked to provide manuscripts for scientific articles that will be later verified by the Scientific Committee of the Symposium.

The articles will be published in one of the mentioned below journals that are placed on A or B list of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education index of journals.


i1  Polish Polar Reseach (A lista; 20 pkt.; IF: 2014 - 1,275)

i1  Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies (A list; 15 pkt.; IF: 2014 - 0,670)

i1  Polish Journal of Soils Science (B list; 14 pkt.)

i1  Teka Komisji Politologii i Stosunków Mińôdzynarodowych O.L. PAN (B list; 11 pkt.)

i1  Annales UMCS, sectio B (B list; 9 pkt.)

i1  Landform Analysis (B list; 8 pkt.)


The Scientific Committee is preserving the right for primarily selecting and proposing the submitted manuscripts in to one of the mentioned journals. After consulting it with the authors the manuscript will be send to editors board of the selected journal where all final decisions on if and how the publication process will be held is going to be made.
The authors are obligated to send manuscripts by 30th of September 2016.